Harry Cole

Political journalist and commentator, never knowingly on message

Harry Cole is a political journalist, voted the 28th most influential man in Britain by GQ in November 2011.

He is now Westminster Correspondent for The Sun. Previously, he was a Contributing Editor of The Spectator and the News Editor of Order-Order.com, the UK’s most read political website with a circulation of over three million readers a month.

Harry is a sought-after commentator on all things Westminster and Fleet Street related, from politicians’ expenses scandals and government waste to journalists’ plagiarism debacles. He specialises in covering the murkier parts of the British political system.


Broadcast Experience

Sky News
BBC News
Daily Politics
10 O’Clock Live
Today Programme

Areas of Expertise

British Politics
International Politics
Transparency and openness in the political system
Social media and the media in general
Westminster gossip
Royal occasions